About Me

IMG_1714I like entertaining, informative, and thoughtful stories whether my own or someone else’s. I am fascinated by the story behind the story – those forces that make things happen the way they do. This bigger picture is where our stories connect. Someone describing the beauty of the wilderness compels me to find the beauty in my daily routine. The same reasons a person can survive a bear attack are often the same reasons any of us survive the traumas of life. Its the story behind the story that I find so intriguing because it explains me to me. And that seems to help. I hope it does you too.

The wilderness connects us to something bigger. Engaging the outdoors transcends us to that place where you think clearer. Ideas, images, and clarity flood our thoughts faster than we can react to them. Whether a short walk in a nearby park or an extended backpacking trip in the high country, we come away renewed with an invigorated zest for life. Big or small, we are changed forever. Even if we’re just reading a short blog about the outdoors on our phone, it speaks deeply to us in a language beyond words. Recreation is re-creation.