Reconstructed Japanese wolf now extinct

What’s going  on in Japan? Wolves are being reintroduced to … protect livestock. That’s like leaving me to guard your fridge. Something’s gonna get eaten.

Farmers in the province of Chiba have sought the help of a private company to help them reduce losses from bear, deer, wild pigs, birds, and other animals that destroy their crops and livestock.

The anonymous company has pitched the idea to bring back,of all things, wolves. And surprisingly, the farmers have bought it to the point of paying $2,000 a wolf. If anyone is good at smelling manure, its mothers and farmers.

Japan is a group of islands, but not isolated. Did Little Red Riding Hood never make land fall? Are there no parents warning their whining kids about the little boy who cried wolf? I’ll give you something to cry wolf about. Did they cut the French Horns from Prokofiev’s symphonic fairy tale making it simply, Peter and the?

Wolves were hunted to extinction in Japan more than a century ago. Maybe that’s the problem. The most efficient, most intelligent predators on earth reimagined into Jacob the werewolf in Twilight and reduced to metaphors like The Wolf of Wallstreet. Wolves aren’t real, but now we ironically need real wolves.

The place that wiped out wolves for their nuisance to humans is bringing back wolves because humans now need their help. And it’s not just any old lobo coming home from its prodigal exile. These wolves have been dubbed Super Monster Wolf for their aggressive response to wild animals and fearsome appearance. The Japan News reports[1] these lobos have blinking red eyes and can produce 18 different sounds including human shouts and gunshots.

Wait, what?

The Super Monster Wolf is robotic. An infrared sensor detects intruders and then the stationary wolf unleashes its shock and awe. The successful test run began two weeks ago. No deer, bears, boars or birds have bothered the farms. But no wolves have either.

The proliferation of the other animals is just a sad reminder of why we needed wolves in the first place. Truth itself is a monster we’ll often kill for our convenience, at best a bully we despise. Some wolves are better left to run our borders.

You seek up a big monster for him to fight your wars for you
But when he finds his way to you, the devil’s not going

– Dave Matthews

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